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To ensure the best value for money
Best value for money depends primarily on the quality of the assessment of the equipment to be maintained; on reception at the workshop and on site. This rigorous assessment enables clear identification of the causes of failure and the components that need working on, (to the exclusion of all others). For customers, this assessment (which is free of charge) is the guarantee of the right price, without price boosting.

LVH's technical salesmen also deliver the repaired equipment themselves (except in the case of express return and taxi) and all delivered equipment is protected by anti-static packaging.
Repairs carried out by LVH are guaranteed for one year.

Intervening in all fields
In order to cover all the needs of its customers, LVH has developed a wide versatility in terms of business sectors (industry, services) and applications.
In addition, because all customer needs are equally important to LVH, the company is dedicated to both large and "small" equipment, always offering the same level of service quality

Ensuring the safety of all interventions
All LVH technicians have NF C18-510 electrical certification, imposing the following safety equipment: insulated gloves, face shield, insulating mat, lockout devices, insulated tools, voltage testing equipment.

Provide flexibility and responsiveness
LVH organises its business to the maximum in order to provide responsiveness, speed of intervention and maximum flexibility:
-Emergency-Call 24/7
-On-site intervention with departure within the hour
-Technical Hotline
-Customer area
-Access to parts stock…
In addition, due to its technical expertise and certified service quality, the company has developed particularly strong and strategic partnerships for variable speed drives with two major manufacturers: Danfoss et Gefran.
Approvals obtained from these two manufacturers allow LVH to deliver parts of a variable speed drive (if the product is still in the manufacturer's catalogue) directly on-site and returned to service in next to no time!

Providing a detailed intervention report
In the interests of transparency and precision, assessment on receipt of the product, as with any maintenance, results in a detailed intervention report.

Developing custom solutions
In order to avoid dedicating ourselves strictly to existing equipment maintenance, and to meet the real needs of its customers, LVH developed a rare depth of expertise in the design and manufacture of customised technical solutions.
These product developments illustrate LVH's natural ability to listen and innovate.

All our technicians are trained and certified in compliance with the LVH Electronique standard.

LVH ELectronique is an approved repairer:

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